Space Race Collection


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*Collection available from Displate and Etsy

Using extensive archive research, these designs bring a fresh new look to such iconic space crafts that sent humans into space. Multilayered and highly detailed, these designs use elements in the background that reflect factual information from the vehicles. Which is sympathetic to the incredible engineers and inventors that built it.

APOLLO 11 sent a human being to the moon, where Neil Armstrong first uttered the words “One small step for man” .


VOSTOK 1 was first to send a human into space. Where Yuri Gagarin made one full orbit around the world and to them inspire NASA to go to the moon.


GEMINI was a series of several spacecraft of this type that taught NASA how to eventually send humans to the moon.


SOYUZ is the current workhorse of space flight. And since the grounding of the space shuttle, continues to ferry astronauts & cosmonauts to the International Space Station.